Hi, I'm Laura...and I'm Silvia!

People say that we are the new Kessler twins but if we have to say who we are, the first things that come to mind are versatility and enthusiasm. We are identical twins and we have many things in common, though we are different in some ways. Laura is more direct and never gives up, while Silvia is a little more diplomatic but if she gets angry, she doesn't listen to reason...together we are a real force of nature!

We work as a team and we confide in each other. Of course, the odd argument is inevitable but we always try to help each other improve...especially as we are our very own mirror images. We were always in class together - first by coincidence, then by choice - from primary school through to graduating in Classical Literature on the very same day. Television has always been our dream�and today it is a reality, even if we always continue to aim for more important objectives. We love writing and sooner or later we will come out with a novel...but today our biggest temptation is the cinema...

We have a whole project about it...

We are both professional journalists, television presenters and (sometime) actors. We have always worked in television and for the last five seasons we have been part of Michele Guardi's big family, presenting live from the squares of Italian towns for Mezzogiorno in Famiglia, the Rai 2 programme presented by Amadeus. Since some years we have been making inroads in the cinema, first in Gianni Di Gregorio's film Gianni e Le Donne, and most recently with an enjoyable cameo in Fausto Brizzi's Com'è Bello Far L'Amore. We started working in Rai more than nine years ago, presenting a programme on Rai 2 about the sea - Vivere Il Mare, which focused on the charm of Italian seaside resorts in the off season: angry seas, fisherman and their nets, fish markets and local restaurants that cook fish fresh from the sea. Our most vivid memories from this experience are the many feasts, the beautiful team we worked with and a sea like none we had ever seen before. For two years we then presented Aprirai, shown on the three Rai channels at the weekend. On this transmission we interviewed presenters, actors and journalists (such as Pippo Baudo, Flavio Insinna and Fiorello to name just a few) from the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini and we gave a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the better and lesser-known Rai programmes. In those two years we met absolutely everybody, from managers to famous faces, and each time they asked the million dollar question: which one is Silvia and which one is Laura? Our first experience with Guardi was Insieme sul Due, presented by Milo Infante. On that programme, every morning from Monday to Friday, we presented a feature on strange and unusual stories, alternated with a feature in which experts would respond to viewers questions on health, surgery and legal topics. Michele Guardi - from whom one can and must learn much each day - was astounded by just how much we were in sync while interviewing the various guests, and he noted how together we were able to do naturally what it takes other pairs of presenters two years to achieve. Before starting on Rai we worked on the newsroom staff of the news broadcasts on Telelombardia and we worked with various local and national daily and weekly papers. There we cut our teeth running up and down the streets of Milan and Lombardy. Our television debut came nearly seventeen years ago - when we had still yet to graduate - on the local Brescia channel Teletutto with the sports programme Zona Goal. We studied Classical Literature at the University Cattolica di Brescia, but we never considered becoming teachers' Until now we've spoken above all about television but the real news from our latest year of work is as we hinted at earlier - the cinema! We made our debut on the big screen with the comedy Gianni e Le Donne, the second film of Gianni Di Gregorio (director of Pranzo di Ferragosto), and it was a very exciting experience. It was Di Gregorio himself who, after having met us at a festival in Taormina, wanted us in his cast and in this way we found ourselves amongst the female protagonists of a film which went on to be sold in more than twenty-three countries around the world. With Gianni e Le Donne we flew to the Berlin Film Festival in February to get our first taste of the red carpet, and in June we went to New York for the Open Roads festival of Italian cinema at the Lincoln Center. In 2012 we made another foray into the cinema with Fausto Brizzi's film Com�� Bello Far L'Amore. In that film we make an entertaining cameo in which we appear in a dream of the main character, played by Fabio De Luigi. Being on a film set moved us, yet we also felt 'at home... For the moment the cinema remains a temptation, but our question is'don't you too think that Italian cinema lacks two twin actresses? Together, we wrote a book about the world of twins in history, literature, theater, medicine and science, but not only. Published by Oscar Mondadori in 2015, "Double Life- The Secret Language of the Twins" is the first book written by a set of twins about the double world of twins. We have also a blog: www.doppiavita.tv (also in English!). It's a double life because we are twins and we live and we work Always together! Fashion, food, events...every thing is double and doubled, like our double life!

Everything that happens backstage or on the big screen! Interviews, gossip, pure emotion from our world of television and cinema...for you.

Everything that happens backstage or on the big screen! Interviews, gossip, pure emotion from our world of television and cinema...for you.

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